Arc Fault Breaker Failure

Arc fault breakers are an essential component of fire and life safety systems in residential homes. These breakers are designed to prevent electrical fires by detecting and interrupting arc faults, which are electrical discharges that can ignite flammable materials.... read more

Let it be Spring already!

We started planting some of the produce, started by installing trenches filled with wood (Kugelcultur). The best place to store water is underground. The best soil will have lots of organic material. Made sence to me. We started preparing some of the raised garden... read more

Our Family farm

Since January this electrical Contractor has been working on a really cool side project.OUR FAMILY FARMWe are hoping to add a few animals by this summer and you may see me driving down the road with one or 2 of my new companions.We have added:A Goat named HedeleA... read more