Our Family farm

Since January this electrical Contractor has been working on a really cool side project.


We are hoping to add a few animals by this summer and you may see me driving down the road with one or 2 of my new companions.
We have added:
A Goat named Hedele
A turkey named Tom
And 12 mystery eggs to be determined:
Give me your best guess….
What would you guys think about locally grown produce delivered to your door?
Animal weekend getaways for the whole family?
I would love to hear what you guys think…

We are thinking of doing a few different ideas:

From day camps for kids bring family and friends and beer….
To star gazing camping overnight…
We are just planning right now and trying to see what the interest would be…

We will be open by this fall for activities.

A day pass to hang for a group of people with your tour and activity.

Activities could include fishing, milking, running with the goats, hay ride, star gazing, posibbly horseback riding, grilling, petting zoo and for the dads out there a handwerker (craftsman)
work shop build off
3hr. Shoptime
we have 40 acres and
we are located 1 hr east of OKC