Electrical Panel Reconditioning

Electrical Panel Reconditioning

Magnetic Trip breakers, are the work horse of the electrical trade they have been around for many years, these breakers do not have a test button like you see in the picture above.

GFI or Arc fault breakers, are the safest option we have to supply electricity to your home, these are easily identified by the white yellow or green test button. Let us know how many of these breakers you have in your Panel.

unsure about what you have send us a pic via Text to our Emergency phone number 4056980267 we should be able to tell or swing by if we have a technician in the area.

Additional information

Breaker type

Magnetic trip breakers only, Magnetic trip breakers with up to {4} Arc or GFI breakers, Magnetic Trip Breakers with up to total of {8} Arc or GFI breakers, up to {20} Arc faults and GFI Breakers with a few magnetic trip breakers, Up to 30 Arc fault or GFI Breakers