The Greatest-Farm-Story ever told

We encourage Kids exposure to farm life in real life.

We want to invite you to have a real animal connection, the love and interaction in the real world can’t be replaced.

Our goal is to map out, our roadway from city life back to farming, our best days and our setbacks.

As we call them:

“Lessons Real Life, likes to teach you” every lesson we learn makes us better farmers!

We call ourselves Farmers because we are more than a grower, we build soil, we grow, we harvest, we process, we feed, we raise, we breed, we build, we teach and most importantly we learn with every interaction.

Currently we live in the city, here is what we do.

We are a family of 5 with more love for animals than we know what to do with it, so much that we have had more live animals in our household than humans on a frequent basis.

Soil Conservation thru Regenerative Farming

Luckily, we have access to a friend’s 40-acre farm. Its Tye’s Trinity Farm. we will have to explain the Background to this story later on.